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{April, 1999 Release}

BMG Records Pilipinas scheduled the Eraserheads' 7th full length studio album release this month of April. The date hasn't been announced yet, however this is another great event the eheads fans should look forward to.


March 6, 1999 LIPS Inc., the official Eraserheads management launched "Electric" the official fan club for the band. The registration was held in Quezon City. For those who are interested to join, contact


The band is scheduled to perform at Fairfield Showground in Sydney Australia, April 25, 1999 at 6pm. Aussie Noypis watch out for the band and get ready to experience a sure-fire intergalactic night.


Eraserheads recently celebrated their 10th year presence in the music industry. The webmeister of this site wishes to congratulate the band. :-)
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