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Eight things I love about Ely:

1.) Intellect. 2.) His way of sarcastically rolling his eyes up when a stupid question is asked. 3.)His fiddling bleeding fingers 4.)His shirts. 5.) His big nose. 6.)His puns. 7.)His courage. 8.)His dirty mind.


Marcus is a rocket from the crypt.

Marcus is a walking laconic chemical lab.

Marcus is also known as Kidbastos.

Buddy speaks eloquently.

He seems like the good next door boy type.

Too bad, he's taken.

Raimund, arrrgghh! Everydboy loves Raims...he's trendy, he puts on stylish clothes

he's cute! and he's taken and he writes upbeat songs that usually gives the impression that the eheads are now hiphopping..


So, you want some pictures huh? Take your pick.