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Plus the songs....there is always an amazing charisma about their songs. It's a breed of punkpop, britpop, beatlesque, VST lovey-mushy songs...and all the others in between (they even tried hip-hop) with Raimund Marasigan's straight forward regard to rap schemes. Before, the tone of profanity on songs means blood. No one would sound good using the words "tang-ina" or "nabuburat"... and no other artists could write songs about the sentiments of barkadahan and ligawan unlike the Eraserheads when they released their songs "Pare Ko" and "Ligaya"....They carved their way into the mainstream music, and brought out the best of the underground scenes. Other bands followed....and there you have it. The Filipino approach to the nicotine-stained region of our culture. (Not that I patronize smoking)